Jan and Bob T

“Tom represented us following a car accident where an individual ran a red light, making our Toyota Celica a total loss, and resulting in multiple injuries to Jan.  One would think that the process would be straightforward given the clear fault of the other driver who was cited for running the light.  Unfortunately the entire process was anything but straightforward.  Thank goodness Tom was there for us throughout! Tom understood all of the ins and outs of the situation and thoughtfully explained the subtleties throughout the entire ordeal.  Things were further complicated by the nature of injuries to Jan’s neck and jaw resulting in headaches, muscle pain, etc.  Tom always focused on 1) Jan’s recovery and healing as well as 2) a fair settlement.  He was always quick to return calls and e-mails, answering a multitude of questions. We are confident we received the best settlement possible and it confirmed something we said to each other many times “I’m glad Tom is on our side!”