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Malfunctioning Equipment

Any equipment used on a jobsite, particularly industrial or construction where equipment is used daily and for heavy duty needs, can fail to operate properly and in this process cause accidental injury. The injury may be to the operator or to other workers in the vicinity of the malfunction. Industrial or construction equipment usually includes equipment such as cranes, hoists, forklifts, heavy duty drills, motors and generators, welding equipment. An equipment malfunction can be caused by the following principal causes:

  • Improper operator handling or use;
  • Worn out and poorly maintained equipment;
  • Defective equipment not known or announced by the manufacturer;
  • Use for heavier duty actions beyond the equipment’s design load;

Help With an Employee’s Claim and Settlement Processes

Although smaller duty equipment can malfunction and cause accidents, heavy duty industrial and construction equipment failure will often result in damage to a worker serious enough to permanently injure the body, cause severe pain or suffering, result in longer times away from the job or involve extensive rehabilitation. Therefore, it is important that the complications of equipment malfunction injury are properly recognized and accounted for in any workers’ compensation claim.

The lawyers at Lininger Injury Lawyers can be particularly valuable in helping an injured employee get compensation to cover all the unfortunate parts of the accidental injury incurred.