Bill N.

Tom represented me after a terrible car accident caused by an individual with state minimum insurance coverage. I was air-lifted to the hospital where I was rushed into surgery to repair several life-threatening internal injuries. I spent over two weeks in the hospital and another week in a nursing/rehabilitation facility before I was able to move home. My recovery has been no less than miraculous. Unfortunately, since the individual did have state minimum coverage, my medical expenses were not even close to being covered. Tom immediately understood the situation, and was able to negotiate with my medical insurance company, my automobile insurance company, the hospital and medical care providers to get everything taken care of for me with minimal effort on my part. His experience and knowledge allowed him to handle the legal and financial portion of my ordeal while I concentrated on recovering physically. Without his help there is no way I would be where I am. My wife and I are so thankful and appreciative of Tom’s efforts on our behalf.”